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Peace Investment​ Fund

The Investment Fund for Peace was created through the Law 487 of December 24, 1998 reorganized by Decree 1813 of 2000 and Decree 1003 of 2001, as the main instrument for funding programs and projects structured for obtaining peace as a special account, without legal status under the Presidency of the Republic, administered as a separate system of accounts.

In this sense, the implementation of the following strategic components of Plan Colombia it corresponds to the Fund: Institutional Strengthening and Social Development, the Economic and Social Recovery and Social Action.

Subsequently, by Decree 2467 of 2005, by which the merged Colombian Agency for International Cooperation -ACCI Solidarity Network Investment Fund for Peace, was attached to the new entity in order to finance and co-finance and structured programs for obtaining peace in the country, managed by a Steering Council and subject to the inspection and supervision of a special oversight, without prejudice to the powers in charge of the office of the Comptroller General of Colombia projects.

Consistent with this, his secondment, its nature and purpose have remained under Decree 4155 of 2011, by which the Presidential Agency for Social Action and International Cooperation, Social Action was transformed in Administrative Department for Social Prosperity and Decree 2559 of 2015 by which the Agency for Overcoming Extreme Poverty -ANSPE and the Special Administrative Unit for Territorial Consolidation in this Administrative Department merge.

The Investment Fund for Peace as fund special account created in order to finance and co-finance programs and structured to obtain peace in the country, is legally represented by the Director of the Administrative Department for projects Social Prosperity, and administered by the Board of the Investment Fund for Peace and subject to the Organic Budget. Also, it is monitored by the Control Bodies of the State and the Special Overseer Investment Fund for Peace.

Its Direct Council, created by Law 487 of 1998 as administrator of the Investment Fund for Peace, is responsible for:

  • Define policies, strategies and general procedures under which it will operate administratively and financially the Fund.
  • Plan, manage, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of programs and activities of the Fund in accordance with the provisions of this decree, regulations and management indicators and general guidelines for prescribed therein.
  • Assign different components and programs of Plan Colombia resources available in the Fund and, within them, the percentage required to strengthen the development of projects of integral agrarian reform, as provided in the first paragraph of article 8 of Act 487 1998.
  • Point out the general criteria for the implementation of the Fund, the conclusion of contracts and all activities necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was created.
  • Adopt internal fund rules necessary for efficient and effective management, especially related expenditure programming and execution of resources, according to the Organic Budget Law.
  • Establish mechanisms for external audit of the fund.
  • Ensure that public participation in the implementation of the fund's resources, according to the mechanisms under the law is guaranteed.
  • All other functions to be exercised as the fund board, necessary for the effective and efficient implementation of its objectives", under the terms of Decree 0169 of 2012.

Likewise, she said Board shall consist of: President of the Republic or his delegate, who will preside; the Minister of Finance or the Technical Deputy Minister; Interior Minister or the Deputy Minister of Interior; National Planning Director or Deputy Director of the National Planning Department, and four (4) delegates appointed by the President of the Republic.

The Special Overseer Investment Fund for Peace, was initially composed of the Presidential Decree No. 469 of 20 March 2001 and subsequently by Presidential Decree 0218 of January 31, 2012, the Special Overseer FIP was formed with the following members that currently are: Monsignor Jorge Jimenez Carvajal, Bishop Julio Hernando Solórzano Solórzano, Julián Domínguez Rivera, Camilo Saldarriaga and Bernardo Albán Toro Arango, who acts as coordinator of the Committee who hold office Ad-honorem.

This Special Overseer has as main purposes: to act with agencies and organizations directly involved in the process and influencing the results of the management of FIP; support the processes of citizen participation, social control and self-regulation, related to programs running with the Fund; and produce regular management reports, progress and compliance with the objectives for which it was created the FIP.

The Overseer supported on the principles of independence, transparency, legality, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness, seeks to understand the perceptions and concerns of the various stakeholders and the community in general, who is the ultimate observer of facilitative processes for beneficiaries programs and projects FIP, national and regional authorities, social and civic organizations, can also channel their concerns about the progress and difficulties encountered in the development of the Fund's programs.

Therefore, the Overseer supports social participation mechanisms that allow citizens to exercise better control the activities of FIP. The reports prepared by the Special Overseer contain observations and recommendations to improve the development of the activities and purposes for which it was created the Investment Fund for Peace.