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I am a woman

Women are the protagonists of the various programs for Social Prosperity because thanks to their tenacity and leadership they support their families and contribute to their country´s progress.

I have a family

To the families in poverty, Social Prosperity offers several programs that become opportunities for overcoming this situation and socio-economic stabilization. If you have a family that can be a More Families in Action beneficiary program, which provides financial incentives to registered families who send children to school and take them to health checks and nutrition as the program requires. In addition, families benefit from income generation programs which are supported with new businesses and competencies, the heads of household are strengthened to get a decent job.

I´m Young

What is Youth in Action?
Youth in Action is a Social Prosperity´s program that supports young people in poverty and vulnerability, with the delivery of Conditional Cash Transfers CCTs -TMC-, so they can continue their technical, technological and professional studies.

I am African- Indigenous

As indigenous and Afro-Colombian populations are vulnerable in the Social Prosperity program IRACA, it was created to support income generation, food security and strengthen organizations that inhabit collective territories.

What is Differential Focus Group?

The Focus Group was created by the Resolution 01600 of July 1, 2014 in order to:

  • a) Propose the design and formulation of policies, strategies, plans, programs, projects, and initiatives to the attention with differential approach to the Sector Social Inclusion and Reconciliation´s target population in accordance with legal regulations.

  • b) Propose and develop technical studies and research to facilitate the formulation and evaluation of policies, strategies, plans, programs, projects and initiatives aimed at attention with differential approach to the Sector Social Inclusion and Reconciliation´s target population.

  • c) Promoting within the premises of the Department and the sector entities implementing plans, programs, projects and initiatives to deal with differential to the target population of the Administrative Sector of Social Inclusion and Reconciliation´s programs, among other Focus.

What does the Working Differential Focus Group – DFG- do?

  • The DFG supports the implementation of differential approach to Prosperidad, this is an instrument that enables that all citizens have equally access to the same opportunities and the effective enjoyment of rights. This approach includes a dual functionality, being an analytical tool and as a guide for action, so that the Group's work covers to do all Mission Addresses Social Prosperity as well as Support Groups and the General Direction.

  • The Focus Group is able to accompany both planning and evaluation processes, construction and adjustment policies, programs and strategies, such as the inclusion of differential focus on the internal processes of the organization.

  • The DFG works from different angles to support the organization´s objectives achievements, highlighting the importance to involve the vulnerable population in poverty or to say ethnic groups, victims and persons with disabilities.

  • We also work from a gender perspective, comprising the population from gender identity and sexual orientation; and course of life, childhood, adolescence and old age and aging. The Group also supports the Assessment and Monitoring Group in identifying targeting criteria and accompanying programs in areas of socialization and conflict resolution.

  • On the other hand the group participates in various inter-agency decision-making and coordination within and outside the institution, as committees and commissions, focus tables, planning joint bid territory, among others. Likewise, the Group promotes internal coordination on issues of differential approach and sector level Social Inclusion through Tables of Differential Focus.

  • This way if you have any questions or are restlessness, have a necessity towards a topic, on Differential Focus Group´s issues, this is the place you should consult.


​Governors/ Mayors, Greetings,
For Social Prosperity it is our pleasure to welcome you in this virtual space for interaction, communication and knowledge which main focus is to easy its relationship with all the institutional programs and resolve the questions they have as a positive effect in their communities.

In this space you can find:

Requirements for proposals for funding and the development of social infrastructure projects by Social Prosperity, with their corresponding annexes.

2. WORKING MAPS IN REGIONS: map on which can make inquiries of those infrastructure projects underway in the region, which generate a significant impact on the community.

3. CHIPS GENERATOR: Consultation tool on investment and management by Prosperity in its territories.

4. DETAILED INFRASTRUCTURE: Infrastructure´s projects file with its components levels and details.

In Social Prosperity we have every intention of being your ally, we are the social component that will take by the hand every woman, man, child and youth of the country, the answers to give them the option of a better present and a future.

For additional information, concerns or suggestions please contact us at: on the subject line "VISOR OPP"​​​.