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Social Prosperity is the nationally responsible Entity to design, coordinate and implement public policies for overcoming poverty and social equity.


With the leadership of Social Prosperity, by 2030 in Colombia, extreme poverty and multidimensional poverty will have been eradicated.

Strategic Object​​ives

Implement the Route of overcoming poverty at the institutional level, impacting the programmatic and process dimensions of the Entity.

Manage the social offer in an articulated way at the inter-institutional level, aimed at the social and productive inclusion of homes and communities.

Lead public policies for social inclusion aimed at overcoming poverty and social equity.

Social Prosperity is the body of the National Government that seeks to establish policies, general plans, programs and projects for assistance, care and reparation for victims of violence, social inclusion, attention to vulnerable groups and their social and economic reingration .

To achieve this purpose, the Department works integrally in the formulation and execution of social policies, in addition to coordinating the Comprehensive Care and Reparation Unit for Victims, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute and the Center for Historical Memory.​