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The law 1448 of 2011, accounted for the country a breakthrough in terms of recognition and dignity of victims through the realization of their constitutional rights, for which the national government in a transitional justice framework establishes a set of legal, administrative, social, economic, individual and collective measurements, for the victims of violence benefit.

To achieve this objective and in order to avoid duplication of functions and ensure continuity of service, with no time attention to victims affected, it was decided to transform the Presidential Agency for Social Action and International Cooperation – SOCIAL ACTION - Administrative Department in charge of setting policies, general plans, programs and projects for assistance, care and compensation to victims of violence, social inclusion, attention to vulnerable groups and social and economic reintegration.

In this sense the transformation of social action takes place, leading to the creation of the Administrative Department for Social Prosperity, which has as main challenge progress in overcoming poverty, inclusion of vulnerable and victim of violence, and the consolidation of the territories through ensuring the presence of the state on a path of prosperity and reconciliation.