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SUSANA CORREA - General Director


Susana Correa is an industrial engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá, with a specialization in Business Administration and Management from Harvard University.

The Director of Social Prosperity has extensive experience in the private and public sector: she was general manager of the Colombian Company of Leathers; Disinfantil S.A. Manager and general manager of Gases del Norte del Valle, in Palmira. He also served as an intervening agent appointed by the President of the Republic and the Superintendence of Public Home Services for the management of the Miscellaneous Services Company of Cali (Emsirva) and the Municipal Companies of Cali (Emcali). Later, she was an advisor to the Presidency of Café Redes Engheineiria in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Upon his return to Colombia, he assumed the executive direction of the World Games Cali 2013.

Between 2014 and 2018 she was senator of the Republic for the Democratic Center party. In that position, Correa was the author of the bills for the protection of infants and children with arms and the requirement to install family bathrooms in establishments open to the public. He was a draftsman of bills such as the creation of the Scholarship and Credit Information System (SNIBCE), which allows all citizens to know in a timely and detailed way the offer of public and private scholarships in the country; the resolution of the border dispute between Chocó and Antioquia; the Penalty System of Transportation; and the regulation of the pre-legal collections of educational credits of Icetex, the creation of the RAP Pacific Administrative Region, and the categorization of Cali as a special district, among others.